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462NL CimPress Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit


Additional Information

    CimPress x CimPress
    Working Pressure:
    150 PSI
    Tankless water heater installation

Product Description

The lead-free Cimberio CimKIT™ Valve Set is a designed to simplify the installation, maintenance, and operation of tankless water heaters. It includes one inlet and one outlet combination ball valve and one pressure relief valve. The kit combines the functions of up to ten fittings to provide a quick and easy installation of tankless water heaters. It also has purge/drain ports for regular cleaning to remove scale build-up. The valve's design eliminates the need for field fabrications which could result in weak/leak points and increase material and labor costs.

Each valve kit includes integrated union adapters for direct connection to cold water inlet and hot water outlet of the tankless water heater. Full port supply valves and full port system flushing/drain valves with linked cap. Hot water valve assembly includes outlet access port for ASME rated 150 PSI pressure relief valve.

Connection: CimPress x CimPress

Based on NSF/ANSI 61-2008 Annex G in compliance with Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code. 

All Cimberio valves qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Buy American Act.


  • Installs quickly and easily
  • 1/4 turn ball valves
  • Color coded handles
  • Combines the functions of up to ten fittings
  • Eliminates the need for field fabrications
  • Includes pressure relief valve


Part Number
3/4" 462NL-06-Kit