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The Cimberio Story

It was 1957 . Giacomo Cimberio managed to understand what was happening around him and to read the signs of an economic explosion that was about to overwhelm an Italy that was recovering after the devastation left by the war. So he decided to found the company that still bears his name today, proposing to pursue - always and in any case - total quality with the use of the best technologies that time would gradually make available.

More than half a century later, we realize that things haven't changed much. The values ​​with which the company was founded by Giacomo Cimberio were passed on to his son Renzo, who was able to keep them alive and hand them over to his son Roberto. Today Cimberio is a worldwide reality, which works and lives exactly as it was conceived and dreamed of by its founder. With the ideal of quality , increasingly difficult to maintain and pursue, as an objective and as a value.

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